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Fundraising | Personal Appeal | Press Release | FAQ | Donor Privacy Policy | Tax-deductibility of donations | Gift Policies | Planned Spending


This template defaults to English unless overridden by a localized translation. However, English pages should use Template:Fundraising menu-en.


Copy and translate the below text as appropriate, then create a new page at [[Template:Fundraising menu-xx]] where xx is your language's two letter language code. Leave the linktarget blank if your target is to be the default (English) page. Then list a link to your translation below.

{{fundraising menu
|linktarget_fundraising = Fundraising
|link_fundraising       = Fundraising
|linktarget_fundraising_FAQ = Fundraising FAQ
|link_fundraising_FAQ       = FAQ
|linktarget_appeal      = Give the gift of knowledge
|linktext               = Personal Appeal
|linktext_irs           = Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Letter
|linktext_statements    = Financial Statements
|linktext_letter        = Management Letter
|linktarget_press       = Press releases/Funddrive 2007
|linktext_press         = Press Release
|linktarget_giftpolicy  = Gift Policies
|linktext_giftpolicy    = Gift Policies
|linktarget_deductibility   = Deductibility of donations
|linktext_deductibility = Tax-deductibility of donations
|linktarget_donorprivacypolicy  = Donor Privacy Policy
|linktext_donorprivacypolicy    = Donor Privacy Policy
|linktext_merchandise   = Merchandise
|linktext_spendingplans = Planned Spending
|linktarget_spendingplans = Planned Spending Distribution 2007-2008
|video_appeal_1         = "Free Access To All Human Knowledge"
|video_appeal_2         = A Video Appeal From Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales


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