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Instructions: Actual fundraising pages should use Template:Fundraising, not this page. The only page that should include this template directly is Template:Fundraising. Edit this page if you need to change the structure of the fundraising page.

This page is very useful as a visual overview of translatable text. The parameter names on this page are identical to the parameters to Template:Fundraising, but the parameters are easily visible here because the template content is not "include only."

However, not every parameter is visible. The following are either invisible or difficult to notice:

  • language_code (e.g. en)
  • language_name (e.g. English)

You may be wondering, "Why bother with a Fundraising and Fundraising2 template?" Some text occurs multiple places on the fundraising page, so English defaults would have to be updated multiple places without having the Fundraising and Fundraising2 templates.

{{{introduction}}} {{Template:Fundraising menu-{{{language_code}}}}}



Wikimedia Foundation logo {{{paypal_title}}}




Wikimedia Foundation logo {{{moneybookers_title}}}




Wikimedia Foundation logo {{{direct_deposit_title}}}



Wikimedia Foundation


Dexia bank/Banque Dexia
Pachecolaan 44/ 44, bvd Pacheco
1000 Brussels/1000 Bruxelles Belgium


IBAN BE43 0689 9999 9501

{{{account_number_others}}} 068-9999995-01

Wikimedia Foundation logo {{{check_title}}}



Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 919227
Orlando, FL 32891-9227
United States

Wikipedia mug {{{cafepress_link_text}}}: {{{cafepress_action}}}